New Africa Casino was the first casino to be launched by KaiRo in Africa in May 1997 and is located in the refurbished New Africa Hotel situated in the city center of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. New Africa Casino is under Kairo Management, a well-respected and established gaming group. The management team welcomes you to experience one of the best casinos and salon privés in Dar es Salaam and continually seeks to find new and innovative promotions with substantial prizes for all players and offers the highest maximums in the city attracting the high roller live game and slots customers.

Our friendly staff will ensure that our members enjoy the best entertainment and gaming experience possible in Tanzania! The latest video slots and video poker machines which are linked to various progressive jackpots ensure constant activity. The machines are fitted with an on-line smart card management system and bill acceptors guaranteeing client satisfaction by keeping up with modern technology.